The School has an admission figure of 19. This means that we are allowed to admit no more than 19 children in each academic year group. Should the number of applications exceed this figure, the following criteria will be considered:

  1. Children whose home address is in the area served by the school.
  2. Children who have brothers or sisters attending the school.
  3. Children who have strong medical or social grounds for admission.
  4. Children whose parents have any other appropriate reason for their preference.

Pupils will be admitted at the beginning of the term in which they have their 5th birthday:

Where it is necessary to choose between children within the same category this will be done on a geographical basis. Those children living nearest to the School will have priority in the allocation of spaces. Distances will be measured using a straight line on a map.

Admissions for primary school places are handled centrally by the Local Authority (Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead). A Common Application Form can be obtained from Admissions on 01628 796782/3/4 or


Telephone: 01628 683870

School Admissions: Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead SL6 1RF

Parents have a legal right to appeal to an independent panel against a refusal of a place. As a first step any appeal must be made in writing to the Clerk to the Appeal Panel at The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead, SL6 1RF.

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