The School Day

We aim to create an environment where children will be well motivated and will see the value of the work they undertake. A mixture of teaching methods will be used, but in general we work with individuals and small groups as much as possible. We expect the children to work to the best of their abilities seeking high standards and a reasonable quantity of work.

School Hours:

Morning session: 8:50 am to 12:00 noon (EYFS & Key Stage 1)

Morning session: 8:50 am to 12:05 pm (Key Stage 2)

Afternoon session: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

The School environment is made as stimulating and interesting as possible.The apparatus, books and equipment are always chosen with great care in the belief that only the best is good enough for your children.

A day’s programme will always include a Maths/Numeracy Hour and a Literacy Hour, and also include a number of the following activities: Science, Religious/Moral/Values Education, PE/Games/Dance, Music, Art and DT, ICT, Handwriting and Geography.

The School Day starts at 8.50 am and children may arrive from 8.40 am unless they attend Breakfast Club from 8.00 am. When the bell rings at 8.50 am, all children line up in their class groups in the playground and are collected by their class teachers, then go straight to their classrooms where registers can be taken promptly.

All children have a morning break for 15 minutes and the opportunity to have a healthy snack.

Lunchtime is from 12.00 or 12.05 to 1.00 pm. (55 minutes lunch break for Years 3 to 6, but 1 hour for Years EYFS2 to 2).

School resumes at 1.00 pm in the afternoon and ends at 3.00 pm.

Parents should ensure the class teacher knows who will collect their child.

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